Piano Practice Tips

Student Practice Tips

  • Set realistic goals
  • Practice in short exposures. DAILY practice in 10-15 minute increments is better than one monster practice, once a week.
  • Determine the best time of day that works for you to practice daily.
  • Record yourself!
  • Listen to recordings of your pieces with the sheet music in front of you
  • Practice what you don’t know first
  • Use a metronome
  • NO distractions! (turn off cell phones, TVs, anything that might disrupt concentration)

Helpful Hints for Parents:

  • Be a cheerleader! Practicing is a lonely occupation and younger children thrive on company. Take an active interest by listening and encouraging.
  • Encourage in house performances. Have a sing along with the family, or when the grandparents come over.
  • Let your child see you practice something you want to get better at.
  • Let your child “decorate” the piano to watch them practice (ex: stuffed animals that watch them perform)
  • Let your child “dress up” for practice (Like put a tiara or a cape on when it’s time for practice
  • Where you keep the piano is important – try to have it in a room where the child feels comfortable and not in a place where, for example, the family meet only for formal occasions. Sending your child alone into the dining room, for example, is a form of banishment and with some children, might seem like a punishment.

Studio Etiquette

  • Come to lessons with clean hands. If your hands need washing, please wash them before you sit at the piano.
  • If you have a severe cold or if you’re running a fever, please don’t come to lessons. The keyboard is a haven for bacteria and viruses.
  • Please make sure to bring your piano books to each and every lesson.
  • If you have any questions during your lesson, please ask! I love to answer questions!  If you have questions during the week, email or text me!

Most Important – Have Fun Making Music!


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