About Me

Hello! My name is Mariam Tsimpris McFalls, and I have taught private voice and piano lessons for the last 20 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Voice from the University of Houston. I am originally from Wood River, IL (St. Louis area) and attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville for 2 years before relocating to Houston. I graduated from U of H in 1986. I studied voice with Ms. Jean Preston at U of H,  and with Ms. Sarah Turner at SIU. My focus of teaching is classical in nature. I believe that the purpose of a voice teacher is to master the techniques of using the voice properly.  Therefore, the first 15 minutes of a voice lesson is devoted to vocal exercise. The latter half of the lesson is devoted to learning songs. My specialties are classical art songs and arias, and Broadway tunes.  

I taught myself to play the piano by watching my older sisters play. I was able to match pitches and mimic rhythmic sequences at an early age.  Eventually, when I became a little older, I was able to take private lessons with the local teacher (Elmer Curry) in Wood River. I continued my studies by taking a year of class piano in college, and was told by the professor that I should pursue a degree in piano. I am familiar with most piano methods, however, my favorites are Faber, Carol Matz Piano Method, and Piano Pronto..

Through the years I've taken different career paths - I was a licensed Optician and Corporate Trainer for 15 years, I also managed an electronics engineering company, as well as tackling the financial world of corporate tax laws. However, music has always been my first love, my backbone, my saving grace.  My happiest moments are with a student, guiding them on their musical journey, and seeing their face light up when they have accomplished a piece that they thought they would never be able to do.


Festivals students may participate in:

  • Jazz/Pop Festival - in the Fall
  • State Theory Test (student affiliate members only) - in the Fall and Spring
  • Contemporary/Baroque Repertoire Festival - alternates in early spring
  • Gold Cup Festival - typically first Saturday in March
  • Romantic/Sonatina Repertoire Festival - alternates in late spring
  • Musicianship Repertoire Festival - late spring

Additionally, I hold two recitals a year, in December, and late spring.

Latest News

January 2, 2018

January News

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break. Lessons will commence for Austin students on Wednesday, Jan 3. Clear Lake students will return on Tuesday, Jan 9. Lot's of registration deadlines occur this month starting on Friday, Jan 12: Gold Cup registrations due (Clear Lake) - registration fee is $18. No school/no lessons on Monday, Jan 15. Wednesday, Jan 24 is registration deadline for Baroque/Classical Festival (Austin) - registration fee is $16. Those students preparing for Piano Guild in May....start your engines! We will be working on a practice system to keep your skills and repertoire sharp with less stress. For my younger voice students - new Disney songs are on the agenda. Let's ROCK this new year with momentum and inspiration!